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Camping FAQs

Q. When can we gain vehicular access to the campsite?

A. First entry for weekend camping tickets is from Friday 02nd August 12:00pm. There will be NO access to the campsite prior to this. Please be considerate of local residents and businesses.

Q. When does the campsite close?

A. Registration and admission to both campsites will close at 20:00 on Friday 02nd August, if you are staying with us Friday night please be sure to arrive before this time. Registration and admission to the campsites will     re-open Saturday morning at 09:30.

Q. Can I park my car next to my tent?

A. Yes, you will be allowed to park one car adjacent to your tent. You will need to leave a clear path between vehicles and tents. If you drive off site for whatever reason the vehicle will then have to be parked in the Elvaston Castle visitor carpark at the main entrance.

Q. Can I have a barbecue?

A. No, barbecues, firepits and open fires are not allowed at Elvaston Castle Country Park.

Q. Are gas bottles allowed?

A. Gas bottles are allowed if fitted fully within the caravan / motorhome. Small gas camping stoves are permitted for campers with tents.

​We allow Greenheat Base Camp Cookers, firelighter stoves and solid fuel stoves.

NO BBQ's, gas BBQ's canisters or similar are permitted.

Q. Can I park my campervan/caravan in the main car park?

A. Sleeping in vehicles in the car park is strictly forbidden, as it is contrary to our licence. Regular checks will be made by Security patrols.

Q. How far is the car park from the campsite?

A. It is approx. 1min walk.

Q. Does every person staying in our campervan/caravan need a Festival ticket?

A. Yes. No one will be allowed into the campsite without a valid weekend Festival ticket.

Q. How do our friends gain access to the campsite if they travel separately?

A. If your friends are arriving separately to your campervan, caravan or tent they will not be able to gain vehicular access to the campsite (as only one car is permitted on the pitch). They will need to park in the main car park, or travel by public transport, and make their way to the campsite on foot via the pedestrian path to the campsite entrance where you can meet them with their tickets.

Q. What counts as a live in vehicle?

A. Your campervan/caravan MUST have purpose-built fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities. Any converted vehicles must clearly be live-in vehicles. This does not mean simply a van with a piece of foam cut to size for a bed, and a bucket for washing.

Q. What will happen to my vehicle if it is considered unsuitable for the campsite?

A. Unsuitable vehicles, including unconverted vans, with tickets for the campsite, will not be allowed entry and will be sent to one of the Elvaston Castle visitor car park – and, as it is contrary to our licence, security patrols will not permit sleeping in any vehicles in these car parks.

Q. What facilities are provided in the campsite?

A. Both campsites will have water, toilets and waste disposal point.

Both campsites are patrolled by security staff.

Q. Is electricity available?

A. There is no electricity provided for campers.

Q. How do we gain access to the campsite on arrival?

A. Please follow the festival signage on the approach to the site.

Q. Can our group of friends have pitches next to each other as a group?

A. Sorry, we can’t hold pitches so if you want to park next to each other you will need to arrive together.

Q. Can my car be kept beside the caravan on the campsite?

A. Yes, providing your car and caravan fit in your camping space. However, should you leave the campsite you will have to park in the main car park until you are ready to leave. Any other member of your party arriving separately by car will need to park in the main car park.

Q. Can I pitch a tent beside my caravan/campervan?

A. No, only one accommodation unit per pass.

Q. Will I be able to put up an awning?

A. Yes, manufacturers’ awnings are acceptable providing they fit within your allocated space.

Q. Can I sleep under the awning?

A. No, for health and safety purposes sleeping in an awning is not permitted.

Q. How will I know where to place my campervan/caravan/towing car/awning in the field?

A. Stewards will be on hand in the campsite to advise on siting vehicles. It is not possible to reserve a specific area – space is allocated on a first come first served basis.

Q. Can I bring alcohol for personal consumption in my tent, caravan, motorhome?

A. Yes, you may bring alcohol onto the campsite on you first arrival, there is no re-entry with alcohol over the weekend. No alcohol is allowed in to the event arena. Please drink responsibly, disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to ejection from the event and campsite.

Q. Can I buy camping passes from anywhere else?

A. No, the only official seller of camping passes and event passes are, passes bought online from anywhere else may be fake or already used/sold on multiple times.

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