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Building a Tent
Staying with us

We invite you to spend the weekend with us at Dog Lovers Festival 2024 at the K9 camp site.

Enjoy the fabulous music, food and drink into the evening and not worry about who is driving home. 



Enjoy the whole weekend without leaving your best friend at home.

Why not enjoy all the great doggy activities at the festival then go back to the camp for some r&r and come back to enjoy the music later.

A camping ticket is cheaper than putting your pooch into daycare so there's no need to leave anyone at home.


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k9 camping essentials

There will be fresh water available but it is always worth bringing extra with you as well as a comfy bed, extra food, maybe a familiar toy to settle them and a blanket.

Dog Lovers Festival is a wonderful experience for you and your dog, making memories with your best friend.

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